We are interested in new radiation detection and instrumentation for imaging and sensing applications. This includes the development of novel detector technology and imaging techniques, data processing, experimental validation, modelling, computational problem solving, and quantitative characterization of biological processes.

Molecular Imaging

Molecular imaging enables the visualization, characterization, and quantification of biological processes. In nuclear medicine, an instrumental molecular imaging modality is positron emission tomography (PET). We are interested in investigating different detection materials, readout strategies, and algorithms to achieve high resolution, high sensitivity  PET.

Modeling and Simulation for Nuclear Imaging

We use modeling for validating experimental measurements as well as exploring and evaluating new algorithms for data processing.

X-ray Imaging

We aim to develop new detector technologies that will provide x-ray images with superior image quality for improved detection of early cancers while also reducing patient risks by increasing detector sensitivity to low levels of radiation.


Optical and UV detectors

We are interested in optical detectors and flexible electronics for sensing applications. We would like to develop miniaturized systems for portable and wearable health solutions.